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Still Alive

There really hasn't been that much change recently in my life. I rarely come on here anymore, don't really see the point as I really only joined to keep up to date with Shake_The_Stars but I've kind of not done much in terms of communicating on my end as I'm just....floating? I'll probably close this down when needs be.

Been Too Long

Haven't updated this for awhile. So what's new?

1) Paid off my new laptop
2) Survived Mother's day (Which went alright surprisingly.)
3) Got Mother's Birthday stuff sorted. (Card + Fit Bit Blaze and money for a meal out)
4) Trying to sort out why I'm not getting paid Night Shift Allowance / Premiums for working night shifts.
5) Sorted out my iPhone / iTouch and the bug it had picked up.
6) Still haven't had a single day off work ill (Unless it's like a stomach bug, I will always go in.)
7) Trying to not brutally slay anyone at work or go crazy. (I think I am already going crazy though)
8) Still helping pay the mortgage of the house since my folks split.
9) Always so tired.


I haven't posted much up here lately, have I? Well, things have changed now since I last posted, so let's begin:

1) My mum and dad are officially getting divorced. (The papers came through on Tuesday to my mum, so that means I'm picking up part of the mortgage now whilst my dad goes cavorting with someone three years younger then me, so hey!)
2) I've done a full year permanently at my new job and the best part of the year I have done night shift, 4 nights on, 4 nights off, 12 hour shifts. (Yes, it makes me pretty much unsociable but most of my friends live in the States and this makes it that I am on an American clock almost)
3) I've gotten back to the gym. (it's a hard, hard slog but I will double down in the New Year and try to get 3-4 stones off, I can do it, it's just my motivation and DETERMINATION is shot a bit from other things.)
4) My mum has got a new boyfriend as well (It's been five years since my mum and dad split, I think but the divorce was official when the letters came. I've got no issue with her having a relationship, as long as I'm not involved, I just want to work, work out and game.)
5) What can I say about my social life? It's up there, it's either work, bed, gym or home. Sometimes I go uptown but it's not really exciting.

I'm just going to close here and wish everyone that bothers reading this a Happy Christmas (Or is that Merry) and a Happy New Year. (The one person I know who will read this, you have been an absolute rock!)
So yeah. I am still alive. Just getting ready for my last week of nights, after having worked the whole of September and half of October on the night shift. Is there much to discuss with my life? Working basically. Applied for my job officially now and have been told that I am a "Preferred Candidate" for the post, so let us see how that goes. Not much else really. Got to mail E the package this upcoming Friday when I am off and then rolling onto my birthday~

3rd Week Of Nights~

Welp, I am now on my third week of night shifts. I finish on Monday morning at 8am and this will be the hardest week I reckon. For:

1) I am on my own since half the staff are on holidays.
2) I was supposed to be on the day shifts this week.
3) It'll be busy no doubt.
4) EDIT: I just found out this morning before finishing (Saturday) that I am on Nights for 6 weeks without having been told~

I am not going to whinge about it, I will just have to get on with it I guess.On the plus side, I got my mum the Kindle Fire HD, i got E the "Goods" which I'll post when time allows me to go to the post office and I'm just floating about before work~

Just Waking Up~

It's about 16:45 (or 4:45pm for those not on military time) and I'm just getting sorted for night shift work for the next four days. Apparently I had a Facebook Friend Invite from N at !3:22 according to my phone, which I when I woke up, promptly blocked from Facebook. I really haven't got much planned, but I'll make a little list here just to remind myself:

- Sort out a Kindle Fire HD for my mum (For Christmas)
- Write E (Both electronic and perhaps physical for Christmas)
- Go to Gym Class on Sunday at 9am
- Watch Dr. Who on Saturday
- Survive this week. x3

The Most Depressing Thing Today

Is the fact that I just realised that I purchased some DECAF Starbucks Via Sachets instead of normal full on caffeine!

What a disappointing turn of events! But I shall continue on and make the best of it~ x3

I'm "Wired"~ X3;

How It Ended

It's done. I'm single. She wanted to end it last week apparently cause it was "Weird". Well lass, if it was "Weird", why did you go out with me? Hmmm? Nevermind. Good riddance~

Plus she committed one of the worse sins ever, if you can't spell weird right, then you can kindly go fuck yourself and everything you stand for. Plus girl, learn some fucking manners in dealing with communication, cause by gods, if you ever go beyond cashier, you'll need it!

Such A True Statement~

“The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.”

Reference: http://charmrose.tumblr.com/

To StarBucks~

That's simply it. Going to StarBucks. Burritos tonight. YAY!~ x3